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July 24, 2012


Sasha, Belarus

How many people focused on discussion of authenticity of Paul's account of conversion?
There is no way to confirm or dismiss a one witness account (although, Paul was not alone).
Then we have only one thing left: look at the fruit. In Paul's case, the fruit is obvious.

On the other hand, what can be a fruit of a church that can start to boast in the fact of being the chosen one by Jesus himself in a dream?
I think It would be shameful to refer to such an event instead of faithful and humble service.

If a vision was given - it was given not to a church, but to a person. The purpose of the vision is not to mention it or boast in it, but to receive the truth of the Gospel from a particular humble servant. After all, that humble servant (who delivers the Gospel message) shouldn't become a new Pope or a new voice in the wilderness. Should it? Did it happened in Ananias' case?

Is a miracle/recipient/associate to be the center of our attention, or Jesus and souls being saved?
Mat 16:4
Luk 16:29

P.S. Unfortunately, some churches have miracles (which "happened" to that church) as one of the most important reasons in approval of their activities.

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