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July 20, 2012



I loved the interview. It was very informative and cordial. Jonathan, I felt, was treated with the utmost dignity and respect, unlike what he has been used to lately.

There is just no way all those harbingers could be coincidence so I see great value in Rabbi Cahn's book and have recommended it to my family and friends without reservation. It lifts up the sovereignty of God, something I learned about long ago and His sovereignty NEVER ceases to amaze me. This is just one more proof. Proverbs teaches us that the answer of the tongue is from the LORD and that it's God Who turns the "king's" heart whatever way he pleases so it's not a stretch for me to believe God directed the very words of our leaders and speaks in this way even today.

I just wish that Ken Silva would post this follow-up interview on his website, Apprising Ministries, since he has yesterday's broadcast posted on there. I asked him to post it but, so far, I don't see it. Not only that, but Apprising Ministries didn't entitle yesterday's broadcast as you did, Chris. They entitled it "Chris Rosebrough Short Circuits Jonathan Cahn and The Harbinger." That may have SEEMED like the case on yesterday's broadcast but Jonathan answered your seemingly "short-circuited" questions very well and to my satisfaction but admitted when more research needed to be done. That, to me, spells INTEGRITY. And just the fact that Rabbi Cahn has been so willing to place himself in various “hot seats” to be scritinized with, basically, a MICROSCOPE tells me he's honest and of a different caliber. So that title on the Apprising Ministry website is misleading, in my opinion, and I'm hoping you, Chris, can convince Ken to change the title as well as post this interview to bring more balance to the table.

I was also pleased that Jonathan admitted he needs to do some work on his correcting others he disagrees with when they make a statement during an interview since it CAN lead to some confusion and, since that is the case, I think other discernment ministries who have criticized Jonathan for this very thing should give him a break here and stop beating him over the head about it. We all need time to make changes in our lives and Jonathan is NO exception.

God Bless.

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