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December 07, 2009



How much time was spent in this teaching criticizing other churches and other 'methods' before and after he called his critics a curse word?

And the personal attacks such as the one on church ladies who have quilting parties to talk about missionaries?

And the youth oriented ministry focus? Give more to the youth than to the senior ministry? Insisting that grandparents should give up their taste in music to see that young people get saved? (Because everyone knows that popular-among-the young music is a means of grace.) Older people don't need to come to Christ at all?

Why are the older church members being pushed aside so that the church can 'grow'? Why do we not see them for the value that they are? Especially in the politically changing climate where euthanasia and assisted suicide are not so subtly sneaking in?

Oh, there's just too much to comment about here.


Perry Nobel is a very angry individual on the stage. You think that's a defense mechanism?


"When you look at scripture for what it is, you don't need the anectdotes." That is the most important message in this podcast. Thanks for all you do. you've made us dissatisfied with our church!



what the heck is wrong with you... he is speaking a load of junk!
you cant take prayer, break it down and ask us if it logically makes sense. it is supposed to be spiritual and Godly, not for the scientific christian haters that you display yourself to be.

how dare you. "to work for the ongoing creation of good" how about the story of adam and eve?

Camille Lewis

First time "listener" here. I enjoyed the MST3K-like back and forth of your broadcast. Like the Mik Nelson's robots, you're expressing the angst and solutions that so many of us have been feeling for years sitting under bad, bad preaching.

And in fact, that would be my one, very small criticism. I'm no fan of the seeker-stuff, so don't get me wrong. But I think that's just the latest iteration of the problem. As I read the urban revivalists throughout the 20th-century, they sound just like Perry Noble. Billy Sunday and Bob Jones especially. Same abuse of the Text, same abuse of the sheep, same silencing of critics, same works righteousness, same focus on numbers (both in the budget and the rolls), and the same message of the secular civil religion instead the actual Gospel of Jesus Christ.

But that is a small and simply historical point.

God bless. And keep up the good work!

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