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July 21, 2009


David Gill

This video is scary, Chris. Any idea how I can download the video so that I can use it in a Sunday School class?


David you can download video from youtube by installing Firefox browser and using an add-on call Video DownloadHelper 4.6 or NetVideoHunter 0.4.2.
Both this add-ons will work in downloading the video to your computer.
the video can be downloaded here:
Hope this helps you.

Paul Golder

One can see how the LDS, JW, SDA, and the like started: "We just need to read past the literal meaning of the Bible, and then we can find the true meaning..."

I pray that God convicts him of his heresy before he decides to move his followers to Guyana.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for posting this podcast and link to the video! I must admit that I am really sad to see your assessment, and while I appreciate your enthusiasm, I am not sure that your accusations are accurate. Most of his historical analysis is actually right on, he tends to take some contemporary terms which may get in the way when it comes to more formal historical dialogue. However, to say that this is not Christianity is reaching at best. Perhaps it may be helpful to first define what the Gospel is. People tend to do a lot of defining what it is not and in doing so they tend to loose the point of Jesus’ message.

It seems that you tend to read into and take out of context certain sound bites from Bell’s video and make them say something that was not originally intended. At the crux of it, it seems that most of the accusations in your podcast are hollow without much hard data for support.

One of the biggest examples of this in your podcast is that you mention that Bell is wrong about who killed Jesus. I must admit out of everything to mention, it seems like this would be the last point on the docket. Obviously, in the case of Pilate and the Jews, it was a work in concert...one could not have happened without the other. To state anything other than that dogmatically is a travesty and a massive hermeneutical error. Overall, the impression that I got from your podcast was that if someone doesn't agree with you on the finer points of debatable history and theology, then they are in danger of being labeled a heretic and "non-christian." I would think and hope that the message of Jesus is much larger than a discrepancy over whether or not Pilate was guilty of Jesus' death.


Could Rob Bell please just stop identifying himself with Christianity at all? Do whatever you want, Rob, just please don't claim any affiliation with Christ anymore!!

Gary Dunlap

Heard your broadcast regarding Perry Noble. He's the one who sounds like the jackass. By any chance, that commercial I hear on Pirate Christian radio that goes through.. if worship at your church is centered on man and not God, you need to find another church, if your church preaches the law and not the gospel etc, there is one segment where a pastor says he doesn't want to eat food he doesn't like or hang out with people he's not comfortable with, that wouldn't happen to be Perry Noble would it? Sounds like the attitude he would take.

Dr Mark Schwarzbauer

Dear friends:
If we take things out of context we can make very erroneous doctrine. Put two scriptures together… “Judas went out and hanged himself”…. And “go do ye likewise.” We would all agree that is not only wrong but it is absurd. I am hearing and reading things here taken out of context concerning Rob Bell.
On his website he lists his statement of faith. It is the Nicene Creed which has been the standard of the Christian faith refuting Arianism and Sabellianism since the fourth century. In his book, the Velvet Elvis he states “I affirm the historic Christian faith, which includes the virgin birth and the Trinity and the inspiration of the Bible and much more. I’m a part of it, and I want to pass it on to the next generation.” (page 27).
You and I will never agree on everything with each other. But, here is something we should ponder. If we are taking things out of context and misrepresent someone who are we representing? Satan is the “father of lies” and “the accuser of the brethren.” To take things out of context is to lie and represent the devil and not the Lord. To malign a person is to represent the accuser of the brethren and not the Lord.
To couch our attacks as “spiritual discernment” is not only dangerous it is abhorrent to God and mocks our faith. You can choose to disagree with an honestly and fairly represented viewpoint. But if you are actually fighting for the faith you will do so with 100% honesty, or you are in all honestly fighting against it and deceiving yourself.

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